Pasteurized/Liquid Eggs

Product Description

Singapore’s Dasoon Company has good range of pasteurized liquid eggs products available in whole egg, egg yolks and egg white which can certainly reduce the risk of food borne illness. This HALAL and HACCP certified Company does special customization with variations in liquid pasteurized eggs in accordance with the customer’s requirement which certainly gives it an extra edge

Fresh Shell Eggs

Product Description

The Dasoon Company is undoubtedly one of the top notch Fresh shell eggs suppliers in Singapore for its excellent packaging as well as quality over the past many years. This fresh eggs supplier offers fresh shell eggs in various packs as 4 pieces, 10 pieces, 15 pieces, 30 pieces, etc.

Comes in different sizes. We are specialized in packaging into different variations.Packaging: 4piece, 6piece, 1

Salted Eggs

Product Description

The Dasoon Company has been the chief eggs distributor (Singapore) for the past many years. This egg distributor started way back in 1978 and since then it has a remarkable contribution in the distribution of salted eggs in Singapore besides selling other types of eggs mainly because of its excellent quality and many new egg suppliers came up from time to time thereafter. Egg selling in Singapore

Century Eggs

Product Description

We are much aware as to how important eating eggs can be towards maintaining a good health. Eating eggs for breakfast is prevalent everywhere and is considered to be one of the best healthy practices. Haven’t you tried the century eggs in Singapore yet? Well, then you can buy century eggs online from the Dasoon company which is one of the best century eggs suppliers in Singapore. Century eggs ar

Cooked Quail Eggs

Product Description

Our Cooked Quail Eggs allows customers to cut down on additional cost of manpower needed to boil and peel the eggs. It is cooked and ready to eat.

Packaging: 15 pieces retort stand-up pouch 50 pieces can type
- HALAL Certified
- HACCP Certified